Monday, April 18, 2011

Melting away

It was winter break.  I finally got my first SLR (Minolta X-370).  I recall looking back how excited I was to go home and shoot this camera.  I got my younger brother and headed back to the woods to do a little photo shoot.  We went all around my uncle’s farm shooting different scenes.  About halfway during our journey I wanted to compare my 28mm to my 50mm lens.  So I first took my 28mm and framed up a nice portrait.  I than switched to my 50mm and frame up the same shoot, standing further back because of the longer focal length.  Told my brother to smile and click.  We both got back into the truck and kept driving around taking some pictures.  Trying to stay warm, and enjoy the nice soft snow.  To date this is my favorite capture I have ever taken.  From the snowflakes on his hat and hair to the snowflakes that are out of focus, this picture I love.

Like a snowflake, each moment is irreplaceable.  Take a second to enjoy its appeal before it melts away. 

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