Sunday, July 12, 2015

Appalachian Dreamin'

I love driving.  If it be a car, golf cart, or even a bicycle.  So naturally, I enjoy long drives.  The chance to sit back and let the mind wonder does numbers for the soul.  But I have this notion that If I am to find beauty I must travel west.  The reasons are a moot point but the principle I take to heart.  Any time I have to travel going east I get a bit demoralize to a certain extreme.  I rather chase the sun than race toward the dark of night.  Well, I found myself driving east this past week from Indiana to New Jersey, a commute that is quickly becoming regular for me.  The only part of the drive I usually look forward to is driving in the hills of Pennsylvania.  The allure of those Appalachian hills holler adventure and wanderlust to me.  I always imagine myself hiking to the summit of those ridges and watching the sun fade over the edge of the world. Indeed it’s a romantic idea but more realistically simple a daydream.
            As soon as I hit the Ohio/Pennsylvania state line, dark clouds covered the horizon.  Big heavy raindrops soon exploded across my windshield. I never enjoy driving in the rain, but big raindrops normally mean a quick downpour.  Thankful this was the case.  The rain stopped and found myself being engulfed in heavenly bliss.  Big thunderheads, rainbows, fog, and golden beams of sun filled the huge sky.  I did my best to stay on the road as I use my iphone to take a few quick shots. Click.  As I put my phone back down all I did was keep dreaming of those Appalachian adventures. 

 "I may have not been chasing the sun, but I certainly was in the front row of the retreating light."