Tuesday, May 10, 2011


After a long boring morning researching new equipment and emailing a few people about freelance work, I found myself wanting to go outside and enjoy the nice warm weather.  I decided to go shoot a few time-lapse.  I jumped on my 4wheeler with a tripod and my camera equipment.  After scouting out a few locations, I found a location to set my d5000 for a time-lapse.  I pulled out my Canon t2i with my new 70-200mm f/4 USM lens.  I decided to take a walk as the time-lapse was shooting.   I ended up walking in a woods I walk all the time. I came to a point where I realized there where a lot of birds around me, so I stopped.  I had a good angle on a bird’s nest to my right and was waiting for a bird to fly in.  

A few minutes past with no action.  As I stood there trying not to move suddenly, twigs where breaking to my left.  I turned ever so slowly trying not to scare whatever it is.  When boom!  It was a deer walking within 15yrds of me.  My heart jumped out of my chest.  Instantly I had flashbacks of the last time I went hunting deer (that’s a story for another day). Somehow, I remember I had a camera in my hands. I whispered “Thank you God”, pulled my camera up to my eye, found focus and..  Click.  After the shutter released the deer grunted at me and ran off.  I didn’t have a real good angle on the guy but he was in focus,  he filled most of the frame, and no motion blur.  I’ll take that.

When your waiting for something to happen do not be shocked when something does. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your love of nature and photograghy. How sweet of the Lord to allow you to "shoot" this deer; that makes up for the one that got away.

  2. Your photos of those nature & creature are fascinating. Follow your dreams and I shall follow your blog ^_^